Photograph by Briana expands to create @mopheadfemme_collage

I’m excited to announce that I have created an Instagram account, @mopheadfemme_collage, specifically for my collage work and it’s theme of celebrating queer femininity. To¬†continue to view my art, please follow me there! Thanks for the support!


logo for @mopheadfemme_collage

Personal Project- My Engagement Party


Over the past couple of weeks I put together this lil’ collage for my partner and my engagement party invitations! I wanted to create a scene of us in formal attire in front of a home with enough color and character to capture our spirit. Without a wedding to follow, this year we will be celebrating our forever-engagement with our friends and chosen family! The collage has been printed and DIY invitations assembled in our living room in preparation for the special event.