I can’t believe this photo is almost a year old now. This is a candid of my friend Clare laughing during a fun photo shoot day when she was about six months pregnant. Last April we were carrying a living room couch out on to the patio in Napa- now I’m missing her, her husband, and their baby after their recent move to the Pacific northwest.

Personal Project- My Engagement Party


Over the past couple of weeks I put together this lil’ collage for my partner and my engagement party invitations! I wanted to create a scene of us in formal attire in front of a home with enough color and character to capture our spirit. Without a wedding to follow, this year we will be celebrating our forever-engagement with our friends and chosen family! The collage has been printed and DIY invitations assembled in our living room in preparation for the special event.

Submission Selected for LensCulture’s 2017 Portrait Awards Competition Gallery!

I am proud to announce 1) that I got together a submission for the LensCulture Portrait Awards 2017, and 2) that one of my photographs was selected to be featured in their Competition Gallery!! Check it out on their website and share it on Facebook


Self-Portrait in Collaboration with Beatriz Escobar from her Body of Work, ‘To Be Seen’

Beatriz Escobar_Bri_01

I’m putting out a big Thank You to Beatriz Escobar, friend and photographer, who took my ‘self-portrait’ as part of her photo project, ‘To Be Seen’ last Fall. This is also a shout out about the body of work in general, which Beatriz describes as ‘play[ing] with the idea of self-portraiture, since the concept in itself has been changing so quickly.. I’m interested in exploring how women see themselves and how they wish to be seen now’ (you can check out the full description and photos at her website).

Here I got to release the shutter of the large format camera that she set up in my sun room in order to make this print. Thanks, Beatriz, for sharing it with me and the work publicly online!