These photos are from my recent trip to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. It was my first time back since it reopened in May 2016 after its three year long renovation. It took my mom coming for a visit from New York for me to finally go. I don’t know that I enjoy the museum any more now- it’s spread out over seven floors, has a lot of open space, more outdoor sculpture gardens, and, as I found out the hard way, no longer does free admission on the first Tuesday of the month. As a security personnel accurately advised me, the Tomás Saraceno Stillness in Motion: Cloud Cities exhibit was the best (shown in the 3rd photo) currently on view through May 21st. 

OMCA’s All Power to the People: Black Panthers at 50

‘We the People’ on view at All Power to the People

Excited to visit the Oakland Museum of California (OMCA) for the first time, I got in touch with my friend, Beatriz, a member of their Día de los Muertos committee, as her second guest under her membership. We met by the chalkboard on a Sunday morning, and, after catching up, strode up to the entrance, membership card in hand. Continue reading


I am excited to be expanding my blog to share about Bay Area art culture and community with which I participate! You can check out a little more about this on my updated About page. While I started dabbling with posting more than just my photographic work with some of my Alternative Process Prints from class within the past month, this is my first post about a really great museum trip! I’m glad to be branching out in this way because I think it’ll allow me to engage deeper with what inspires me on a given day and the art community I am creating for myself.

This month I got to visit The University of California, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAM) for the first time. I went on their free day, the 1st Thursday of the month. I liked the feel inside- there was big, open space with natural light and gradual ascending balconies breaking up the work.


Here you can see many of the stations, some of the balconies and the huge ongoing rug made out of crocheted fabric.

There was a few different exhibits going on, but the main one and by far my favorite was The Possible. According to Continue reading