Collage for a Baby

In celebration of my friend Candace who is expecting, I made this collage as a gift for her babyshower this weekend. Candace is a special education k-2 teacher and her and her wife have picked out a gender neutral name without knowing the assigned sex of the baby. 

I focused on a mix of gender neutral bright and earthy tones, and organic and geometric shapes and brought together a bunch of old images I’d been looking forward to using to create a stimulating, bold piece to activate what I know will be an already very intelligent mind. Congratulations!

Personal Project- My Engagement Party


Over the past couple of weeks I put together this lil’ collage for my partner and my engagement party invitations! I wanted to create a scene of us in formal attire in front of a home with enough color and character to capture our spirit. Without a wedding to follow, this year we will be celebrating our forever-engagement with our friends and chosen family! The collage has been printed and DIY invitations assembled in our living room in preparation for the special event.

My First Lecture & More Dreamscapes Books Available!

photo 1I am so excited to announce that I’m kicking off 2015 with a big start by presenting my work to the public for the first time! Next week, I will be one of the photographers featured at Harvery Milk Photo Center’s monthly lecture series! After mustering up the guts to click ‘send’ on an initial email proposal and then months of scheduling and coordinating, I am now putting together my slideshow in order to share my project Dreamscapes within the photo community.

Here are the details:

When: Thursday, January 8th from 6:30-8pm

Where: Harvery Milk Photo Center @ Duboce Park, 50 Scott St.

This event is free and open to the public


photo 2

Additionally, with the close of 2014 came the last sales of my first round of my handmade book, Dreamscapes! Thank you to those who took an interest in the book and invested in a copy! I’ve gone to work in my sunroom, printer, paper, thread, tape, etc. sprawled out around me, and produced a second set, available again at Needles & Pens. Dreamscapes is now for sale at their new location:


Where: Needles & Pens, 1173 Valencia St. b/w 22nd & 23rd St.

Open daily, 12-7pm

photo 3