Beatriz Escobar_Bri_01

Self-portrait in collaboration with Beatriz Escobar

After a move from New York in 2006 I took to exploring the streets of San Francisco with a small digital camera. From there my love of photography (and the Bay) blossomed. Since then I have shot primarily with film, glad to not have instantaneous results and to hold something in my hand, then given into practicality amongst an aging art form and picked up my iPhone. All along I have created with mixed media, making collages using scissors and tape from images from magazines, postcards, books, wrapping paper and even wall paper. After a decade I, too, like so many others, was pushed out of San Francisco, but not before a stretch of photo classes at City College, workshops at Harvey Milk Photo Center, home of one of the largest public darkrooms in the country, and getting on a first name basis with Photoworks, where my color negatives were developed.

Now based in Oakland, I am a queer femme artist exploring themes including isolation, femininity, and resilience. I use this blog to showcase my work as I continue to explore and develop as an artist. My blog itself evolves as I experiment with connecting with others through art, (re)define myself as an artist, respond to changes within mediums, and seek to create beyond a white, cis-male dominated narrative pervasive in traditional photography (and across society..).

In my spare time I work in mental health as a therapist, cuddle my partner Bailey in our tiny wood-paneled Temescal apartment, and make jigsaw puzzles piece by piece.

I can be reached at blshewan@gmail.com

Thank you for checking out Photograph by Briana


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