Resilient as F**k

ResilientAsFKHeader.jpgThis past weekend I checked out the event of an old acquaintance I knew from my work at San Francisco Women Against Rape (SFWAR), Eri Guajardo Johnson. I heard about the event from following her on Instagram, where I saw that she was pursuing healing, holistic work and talked a lot about unicorns. I hoped that in going I might be able to connect with her in-person, and learn from and be inspired by her work. I had reached out to a number of friends to attend with me at Qulture Collective, a queer community space in Oakland that I hadn’t been to yet but had been wanting to check out, but they were all busy on Sunday afternoon. Admittedly, I was a little nervous going on my own- I felt a bit like the dorky kid who hoped to belong.


When I got there, Eri was friendly and surprised to see me. She actually asked if I was there for Resilient as F**k, or just happened to be walking down the street! I was grateful for the warm welcome and got right to enjoying the craftiness. Four art tables were set up for coloring, collaging, card making, and candle decorating (and, sure enough, unicorns had a presence too). There was sparkle, glitter, and sequins in abundance. Vendors, food, blessings, tarot card readings, and music were available. Resilient as F**k was an opportunity for folks to come together to “make art//rest your heart//celebrate resilience.” Part serious and part silly, the event provided a space for community to heal through art making.

I ended up coloring-by-numbers an illustration that was coded “1- creativity, 2- assertiveness, 3- self-love, 4- unlimited potential” with some old co-workers, making a candle with “Calm the Fuck Down” glued to the outside with glitter Mod Podge, andIMG_5357.jpg taking home a partially done collage from a Frida Kahlo calendar. Eri said she hopes to do Resilient as F**k bi-monthly, and I hope to participate again, next time with a friend or two to share it with.

You can check out upcoming Resilient as F**k events and more about Eri and her work at


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