SF Open Studios- Weekend 4


Last Saturday, with only a shoulder bag in tow, I hopped on my bike to cover some ground for SF Open Studios Weekend 4. The air was warm, especially for November, and I had hours to go until the studios closed for the day. It turned out going on the early side worked in my favor, because I got to spend time talking to the artists I visited before the turnouts increased. I’m always glad when I learn the story behind work (I guess that over letting ‘the work speak for itself,’ although they’re not mutually exclusive).

Weekend 4 included a lot of neighborhoods, but for me it meant the Inner Sunset, NOPA, Richmond and Fort Mason. Throughout the day I got to visit San Francisco Women Artists at their location that is so brand new, it’s not even open yet! Fortunately, they were on the sidewalk while construction work was going on behind the boarded up storefront for Open Studios. I didn’t even know they existed, but sure enough they’ve been around since 1887 !?! Their expected soft opening in the Inner Sunset is in December.

Other stand out studio visits of Weekend 4 included Robert Larkin, Deirdre Weinberg, Colleen Mullins, Renee DeCarlo Johnson and The Nocturnes. I focused particularly on photographic work, but in general loved the use of color and mixed media where I saw it. Work ranged from depicting life and death, to abstract shapes on wood (of which I didn’t ponder the meaning : ).


Don’t forget, I also went out for Weekend 2!

All artists’ work taken from bios available at ArtSpan and is the work of the solo artists named above.


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