Spring 2014 Final Project!- Mixed Media


It took me a little while, but I have finally gotten around to posting my final projects from the Spring semester! Here is my work from my Mixed Media class at CCSF! It’s multiple layers of glass and frame, with an image transfer on tape and positive and negative lithos overlapping on the fronts and backs of different layers. The original image is a black and white photo from an old New Yorker magazine that I had held on to since the beginning of the semester. I loved the image and its lines and am captivated by how the dancer is taken by the┬ámoment and the movement. So when the instructor announced that the theme for the final was Toying with Religion, I ultimately decided to use this image by presenting different versions of it interacting. It felt like maybe this is her religion and its liberating.

I’m so glad to have had such a rich and rewarding experience in the Mixed Media class! It’s pushed me to embrace imperfection, the unexpected and the constantly changing. It’s tested my patience and commitment. And it was a pleasure to see how everyones work was so unique from each other- the processes (see the Alternative Process Prints Category for past class work using different methods) lend themselves to having the hand that created the work really show through. From the beginning of the semester this class felt uncomfortable and, like my final showed, liberating.


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