Photo Lecture at Harvey Milk Photo Center, Girls Zine from Photoworks

Thursday evening I went to the Harvey Milk Photo Center to attend their monthly lecture series showcasing local photographers and their work. I like that it feels pretty informal and personable and they always show a few different folks in a night.


While I was there I got to check out the work of Monique Islam and felt really excited and inspired. I really liked the charm she was capturing in her images and related to her eye for noticing seemingly ordinary objects through film. Her presentation and work made me want to go out and shoot and celebrate the fun in life.

Also, while I was there I was pleasantly surprised to meet Vivian Fu, whose work I got introduced to through the Photoworks latest zine, Girls. This zine features a few different young women photographers in a wonderfully done zine by Hannah Louise Schuster at Photoworks. I’ve been enjoying it since winter and the new work that I’ve been exposed to since.

Between these two, I’m enjoying the perspectives of other young women at this time. It’s making me want to be true to myself, unafraid of being unique and uninhibited from needing to be a certain way (polished? neat?) with my photography.

Feeling inspired!



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