4×5 Gallery- Closing This Month

Unfortunately, 4×5 Gallery is officially closing at the end of this month. I went to an exhibit opening there in April for the show Home, a group show that expressed varied interpretations of what ‘home’ means and looks like. But two months later, like many photographic spaces in the area, 4×5 will come to a close. I hear that there is a last event going on soon, so I’m keeping tabs on their Facebook page in the hopes of making it out.

'Home' opening in April at 4x5

‘Home’ opening in April at 4×5

I have been most drawn to the space because it is shared with Glass Key Photo, a photo supply shop in the Lower Haight, which I’m glad to hear will stay open and at that location. Also because both Glass Key Photo and 4×5 Gallery have been run by CCSF graduates, where I currently take classes. And of course because they’ve always been super helpful and friendly when I pop my head in about this or that.

The grief of many lost photography businesses is weighing heavily on me right now, as 4×5 Gallery feels like another link in the chain (including Calumet, Photobooth and others). So, I encourage anyone to head over there before the end of June to make the most of it.


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