I am excited to be expanding my blog to share about Bay Area art culture and community with which I participate! You can check out a little more about this on my updated About page. While I started dabbling with posting more than just my photographic work with some of my Alternative Process Prints from class within the past month, this is my first post about a really great museum trip! I’m glad to be branching out in this way because I think it’ll allow me to engage deeper with what inspires me on a given day and the art community I am creating for myself.

This month I got to visit The University of California, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAM) for the first time. I went on their free day, the 1st Thursday of the month. I liked the feel inside- there was big, open space with natural light and gradual ascending balconies breaking up the work.


Here you can see many of the stations, some of the balconies and the huge ongoing rug made out of crocheted fabric.

There was a few different exhibits going on, but the main one and by far my favorite was The Possible. According to the site, “The Possible combines studio, classroom, library, gallery, and stage. A multisensory library provides context and inspiration, while the galleries are reconfigured as a series of workspaces: a ceramics studio, dye lab, print shop, and recording studio. Collaborating with one another and the public, a diverse range of guest artists will use these studios to create new work in a public forum. The finished works will filter into a gallery installation, building the exhibition over time.”

I was inspired by the library and sculptures of different participating artists (I think that they have Sunday workshops when the exhibits are expanded upon, which might be worth checking out. The exhibit runs until May 25th).

photo 1

There was lots of yarn work, including this chain in the sculpture room upstairs.

And then, I got to go downstairs and channel that into creating things of my own! After this, I’ve decided I have a strong preference towards interactive museum exhibits. Not shown in the photos below is the textile/dyeing work that you can also make.

photo 2

Mail art that I made with scraps available.

photo 1

You can either mail art to someone you know or pick an address from the list of participating artists (I chose the later).

More mail art can be checked out here.

photo 1

Here is the wall of people’s collages- can you find my ‘fantasy face’?

photo 3

This is my collaged ‘fantasy face.’

photo 5

Weaving- I made a couple of the green rows at the end there!

photo 2

Play-dough sculptures

photo 5

This was a found item from the scrap bin : )


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